Loading an existing NLP model

To load an existing NLP model into a Document Definition, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Project Setup Station, click Project > 文書定義, choose a Document Definition, and click 編集....

You will see a Document Structure pane on the right. If the document structure is not visible, click View > Document Structure > 文書構造を表示. Alternatively, press Alt + F1.

  1. In the Document Structure pane, right-click the section name and select プロパティ... on the shortcut menu.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the テキスト分析 tab.
  3. Load the ZIP file containing your NLP model.
  4. Choose the appropriate language.
  5. In the document section properties, click OK.

Now all fields that can be extracted by the NLP model will be automatically created in the document structure. Set up the data form that will be used by the verification operator (see this section for detailed instructions).

  1. Click Document Definition > 保存 to save the Document Definition.
  2. Click Document Definition > 閉じる to close the Document Definition Editor.
  3. Click Document Definition > 公開 to publish your Document Definition.

注: Additional training is not available for NLP models loaded into Document Definitions.

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