This document offers the best practices to set up high-performance installations of ABBYY FlexiCapture Distributed edition (further referred to as FlexiCapture).

You will also find:

  • approaches to upscale FlexiCapture, identify bottlenecks, and optimize system performance;
  • FlexiCapture performance metrics and testing methodology;
  • applicability limits of test results.

FlexiCapture redundancy is not covered by this paper. For details, see FlexiCapture 12 System Administrator's Guide.

FlexiCapture Performance at a Glance

ABBYY FlexiCapture is an enterprise-ready data capture platform able to:

  • Scale up for any task using either stand-alone or cloud rental facilities.
    For effective business resource (hardware & money) allocation.
  • Process up to 1 mln color or 3 mln black-and-white pages in 24 hours.
    This is more than enough for the largest paper-intensive businesses.
  • Provide high fault tolerance, availability and multitenancy.
    Running a number of separate accounts (tenants) has never been safer.

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