Training done by administrators

The project administrator can train the program using some training batches during project setup. When operators make corrections to recognized documents, the corrected documents will be put into the training batches used by the administrator. The administrator can also make additional changes to the training batches and retrain the program if training by operators does not deliver the desired results.

Once the training is complete, the administrator can lock specific batches to prevent them from being modified by processing operators. To lock a training batch used for a specific vendor, right-click the batch and then click Lock Training by Operators on the shortcut menu.

Training is only available if ABBYY FlexiCapture can reliably identify the vendor by finding the corresponding record in a vendor database.

If you have no vendor databases but still want to use field training, you can accumulate company information by adding records to your data sets while capturing invoices. For more information, see Looking up vendors and business units in the database.

Remarque : The actions described in this section can only be performed by the Administrator or by users who have the permissions to set up projects in ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices.

The training batch view displays all the document images that will be used for training. To switch to the training batch view, click   (Ouvrir les lots d'apprentissage d'extraction de champ) on the toolbar. Alternatively, click Field TrainingOuvrir les lots d'apprentissage d'extraction de champ.

The program will display a list of training batches for all the invoice variants that have been added by the operators. For convenience, important vendor parameters are displayed in this view, including VATIDs, IBANs, and database vendor IDs.

You can manage Document Variants in this view. You can:

Gérer les échantillons d'images utilisés pour la formation des variantes de FlexiLayout

Exporter une variante de FlexiLayout vers FlexiLayout Studio pour une retouche manuelle

Importer une variante de FlexiLayout à partir de FlexiLayout Studio

Interdire les formations supplémentaires pour les factures d'un fournisseur spécifique

Interdire l'utilisation des résultats de la formation lorsque les factures d'un fournisseur spécifique sont traitées

Créer un nouveau lot de formation

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