Importing images using Microsoft Graph Mail API

ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 lets you automatically import and process document images from your e-mail via Microsoft Graph Mail API. To be able to do so, you need to create an appropriate image import profile. For more information, see Image import profiles.

The FlexiCapture 12 Graph Mail Import application is used to access your e-mail. To finish setting up your import profile, log in to your Microsoft account and grant the following permissions to the application:

  • Conserver l'accès aux données auxquelles vous lui avez donné accès
  • Connexion et lecture de votre profil
  • Lire votre courrier
  • Accès en lecture et en écriture à votre courrier

Remarque :You will not be able to change the e-mail import application or modify the permissions granted to it.

Depending on your security settings, one of the following will happen on your first authorization attempt:

  • Access will be granted;
  • Permission from the administrator will be required to grant access (for more information, see the official Microsoft website).

OAuth 2.0 authorization

To set up image import via Microsoft Graph Mail API, OAuth 2.0 authorization is required. For more information about the authorization process, see the official Microsoft website and article 4.1 of the OAuth 2.0 Framework.

Once authorized, the user is automatically directed to, which further redirects the user to If the authorization is successful, the user may navigate back to the authorization wizard dialog and continue setting up the import profile.

Remarque :The user is redirected to in order to make use of the HTTPS protocol (for more information, please see the official Microsoft website). This step is completely safe: data collection is disabled at, and no other actions are undertaken except the redirection.

During the import, the primary refresh token is replaced with secondary access and refresh tokens, which are used for authorization and to get access to the user's e-mails via Microsoft Graph Mail API. For access purposes, administrator permission is not required, as access is provided only for a specific user or a specific e-mail.

Remarque :Importing images using Microsoft Graph Mail API is not supported for shared mailboxes.

Remarque :By default, the refresh token expires 90 days after it was last used. After that, you will need to re-authenticate your import profile. The expiration period can be set up by the Active Directory administrator. For more information about setting up tokens, see the official Microsoft website.

Remarque :When setting up an import profile on the Project Setup Station, the computer where the station is open is used to establish a connection to the e-mail. For automatic import tasks, a Processing Station machine is used instead.

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