Training by users with project setup permissions

During training on training batches, the Administrator collects a batch of sample invoices from one vendor and trains the program while processing them. If the results of such training are unsatisfactory, the Administrator can switch to the batch view and take advantage of the expanded selection of training tools this view provides. When the training process ends, the Administrator can forbid Operators to train ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices on invoices from the given vendor.

Training is only available if ABBYY FlexiCapture can reliably identify the vendor by finding the corresponding record in a vendor database. If you have no vendor databases but still want to use field training, you can accumulate company information by adding records to your data sets while capturing invoices. For more information, see Looking up vendors and business units in the database.

Note: The actions described in this section can only be performed by Administrators or users who have the permissions to set up projects in ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices.

The training batch view displays all images that have been added. To open this view, click (Open Field Extraction Training Batches) on the toolbar or select View → Open Field Extraction Training Batches.

The program will display a list of all Document Variants for which Operators added sample images.

The invoice's type is determined based on the vendor and has the same name as the vendor's company. To make searches easier, columns include information about the vendor, including VatID (the unique value-added tax identification number of the vendor), IBAN and the ID of the vendor in the external database.

You can manage Document Variants in this view. You can:

Manage sample images that are used for training FlexiLayout Variants

Export a FlexiLayout Variant to FlexiLayout Studio for manual fine-tuning

Import a FlexiLayout Variant from FlexiLayout Studio

Forbid further training on invoices from a specific vendor

Forbid using training results when processing invoices from a specific vendor

Create a new training batch

You can see the state of each Document Variant in the State column in the list of training batches. At least three sample images are required in order to train a FlexiLayout Variant. Until that time, the words Collecting samples will be displayed in the State column next to the Document Variant. Once a variant has been trained and the program is satisfied with its quality, its state will change to Stable.

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