Anchors - static elements are highlighted on the image automatically.

To highlight anchors manually:

  1. Switch to the static elements mode
  2. Select on the toolbar
  3. Place the cursor in the corner of an anchor, left-click and drag the cursor diagonally to the opposite corner.
    Use Shift-Click in the anchor region.

Anchor properties

To modify anchor properties:

  1. Highlight the anchor;
  2. Right-click in the anchor region and select the Properties... item from the shortcut menu
  3. Modify properties in the dialog box that opens:
    • Use for Document Definition matching this option must be enabled for the program to use the anchor for Document Definition matching (recommended)
    • Use for Document Definition identification enable this option to use the anchor for Document Definition identification
    • Anchor type for correct Document Definition matching it is important to specify the anchor type: black square, cross, corner or timing mark

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