Group verification

Group verification involves grouping character images recognized as having identical values and displaying them on the verifier screen, enabling the Operator to easily identify and correct characters that deviate from the group.

Incorrectly recognized characters can be corrected as follows: highlight the character that does not match the group character using arrow keys or the mouse and enter the correct value. This value, highlighted in green, will appear in the upper left corner of the character image.

If you still have doubts about the character's meaning, left-click the character or select it and press the Space button: it will be highlighted with a red question mark. It will be postponed to field verification.

During group verification, the Operator can view the context of the selected character by pressing F2. Move a mouse to hide the context.

You can also activate a mode whereby the field containing the character will be displayed when you point the cursor to the character being verified. To this end, click the Page image for character link in the bottom of the page or use the Ctrl+Alt+I shortcut. Then you can select the image scale in the Image zoom list. Click the link or use the shortcut when the field is displayed to hide it.

You can switch between color and black&white mode by pressing Ctrl+Alt+C or click the Settings button and select the Show color page images option.

By default the checkmark groups are verified in a single-value selection mode. If you need to use editing mode which has been chosen, click the Settings link and then select the Preserve selection mode for checkmark groups option.

To confirm all unprocessed characters at once, click the Confirm All button or press Enter. If you still have doubts about unprocessed characters' meaning, click the Postpone all button or use Ctrl+Enter shortcut to verify them later. These button are in the bottom right corner of the page. The next screen will be displayed when you press one of these buttons.

You can navigate through processed screens using and buttons in the bottom right corner of the page or Ctrl+ and Ctrl+ shortcuts. To navigate to the first and the last string of the screen, use Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End shortcuts.

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