Using data sets to improve detection

You can use data sets with the Order Document Definition to detect buyer and vendor company details, as well as article numbers using an external database. Before you can use a data set, you need to connect it to your external database (for detailed instructions, see Using vendor and business unit databases).

You can use the following data sets with the Order Document Definition:

Data set Description
BusinessUnits A data set for finding business units using a database.
Variants A data set for finding issuers using a database.
Articles A data set for finding article numbers using a database.

To connect a data set to your external database:

  1. Open the Document Definition Editor.
  2. Open the properties of the Order Document Definition.
  3. Click the Data Sets tab, select the desired data set, and click Set Up....
  4. In the Data Set dialog box, provide the connection string to be used to connect to your external database and configure the columns, search options, refresh period, and other settings.

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