Hot keys in the Verification Station main window

Menu Command Shortcut
File Save Ctrl+S
New Batch... Ctrl+N
Load Images... Ctrl+O
Scan Images... Ctrl+K
Export to Data to Files... Alt+Shift+S
Export to Database... Alt+Shift+D
Exit Alt+F4
Edit Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete Del
Select All Ctrl+A
Find... Ctrl+F
Find Next F3
Go To → Next Document Ctrl+D
Go To → Previous Document Ctrl+Shift+D
Image → Despeckle Ctrl+Alt+K
Image → Invert Ctrl+Alt+V
Image → Rotate 90° Clockwise Ctrl+W
Image → Rotate 90° Counterclockwise Ctrl+Shift+W
View Working Batches Ctrl+B
Queues Ctrl+Q
Details Alt+1
Thumbnails Alt+2
Image Mode Ctrl+1
Data Mode Ctrl+2
Zoom In Ctrl+Num+
Zoom Out Ctrl+Num-
Thumbnails Size: Increase Ctrl+Shift+Num+
Thumbnails Size: Decrease Ctrl+Shift+Num-
Full Screen F11
Refresh F5
Object Properties Alt+Enter
Task Get Task Ctrl+G
Recognition Analyze Ctrl+E
Match Document Definition... Alt+Shift+E
Recognize Ctrl+R
Verification Run Data Verification... F7
Next Item to Verify F4
Previous Item to Verify Shift+F4
Next Assembly Error F9
Previous Assembly Error Shift+F9
Next Uncertain Character F8
Previous Uncertain Character Shift+F8
Next Rule Error F6
Previous Rule Error Shift+F6
Copy Value to Other Rows Ctrl+Q
Copy Value to All Rows Ctrl+Shift+Q
Tools Update to Latest Version Alt+Shift+U
Reanalyze Ctrl+Alt+E
Rerecognize Ctrl+Alt+R
Recheck Rules Ctrl+F6
Check Batch Integrity Ctrl+Shift+E
Help Help Topics F1
General Commands  Open the document window (if a document or page is selected) Enter
Registration parameters Ctrl+P

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