Customizing shortcuts

You can customize hotkeys to access commands which are used often. In the main menu, select Tools → Options... and then open the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.

To configure keyboard shortcuts, proceed as follows:

  1. Select a category in the Categories drop-down list. Select All commands if you are not sure what category you need.
  2. Select a command in the Commands list. The Current shortcut list contains hotkeys for the selected command.
  3. To assign a new hotkey, click on the Press new shortcut key field and then press a combination of keys. It is displayed in the field. Press the Assign button to save a new shortcut. If it is used to access another command, information message will be displayed. Press the Yes button to change the command or the No button to discard your changes.
  4. To remove an existing shortcut for a command, select it in the Current shortcut list and then press the Delete Shortcut button.
  5. To restore shortcuts for a selected command to default settings, press the Reset button. If you want to restore shortcuts for all commands, press the Reset All button.

3/2/2021 8:10:42 AM

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