Hot keys in the Document Definition editor

Menu Command Shortcut
Document Definition Add Pages... Ctrl+P
Add Document Section... Ctrl+Alt+S
Document Definition Properties... Ctrl+T
Save Ctrl+S
Close Alt+F4
Edit Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete Del
Delete Region Shift+Del
Select All Ctrl+A
Select Regions by Type... Ctrl+Shift+A
Select Fields by Type... Ctrl+Shift+F
Create Field -Text Alt+Shift+T
Create Field -Checkmark Alt+Shift+C
Create Field -Checkmark Group Alt+Shift+M
Create Field -Barcode Alt+Shift+B
Create Field -Picture Alt+Shift+P
Create Field - Table Alt+Shift+L
Create Field -Group Alt+Shift+G
Group Ctrl+G
Ungroup Ctrl+Shift+G
Copy Text from Image... Ctrl+Alt+C
Image → Despeckle Ctrl+Alt+K
Image → Invert Ctrl+Alt+V
Image → Rotate 90° Clockwise Ctrl+W
Image → Rotate 90° Counterclockwise Ctrl+Shift+W
View Static Elements Ctrl+1
Field Regions Ctrl+2
Show Document Structure Alt+F1
Document Structure - Fields Alt+1
Document Structure - Pages Alt+2
Data Form Alt+F2
Image Scale - Zoom In Ctrl+Num+
Image Scale - Zoom Out Ctrl+Num-
Properties Alt+Enter
Document Run Test Ctrl+R
Tools Autodetect Objects by Type... Ctrl+D
Check Document Definition F9
Match Section Ctrl+E
Help Help Topics F1

Image Window

Command Shortcut
Select Regions Esc
Autodetect Objects Ctrl+Shift+D
Create Anchor A
Create Separator S
Create Anchor Text X
Create Anchor Barcode D
Create Text T
Create Checkmark C
Create Checkmark Group M
Create Barcode B
Create Image P
Create Table L
Create Group G
Create Region for Field without Region R
Create Non-Recognized Region O
Create Field Column U
Add Separator to Table F
Delete Separator from Table E
Adjust Region Ctrl+Alt+A
Suggest Name Ctrl+Alt+N
Get Name from Image... Ctrl+Alt+I
Detect Marking Type Ctrl+Alt+D

Document Structure Window

Command Shortcut
Show Field Image Enter
Rename Field F2
When a field is selected:
Add Column with Text Alt+Shift+T
Add Column with Checkmarks Alt+Shift+C
Add Column with Barcodes Alt+Shift+B
Add Column with Images Alt+Shift+P
When a checkmark group is selected:
Add Checkmark Alt+Shift+C

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