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Remote Verification Station

Similar to the local Verification Station the Remote Verification Station is used to verify the data, process problem batches or documents, correct assembly errors, apply data rules, and check batches for integrity.

The difference between the local and remote stations is that the remote Verification Station does not support background processes such as import, recognition and export. Thus operations which involve background processes are available in the local Verification Station only.

Applying Document Definitions on remote Verification Stations

The remote Verification Station allows you to match Document Definition on documents and pages. To change the Document Definition, select the Match Document Definition item from the document or page local menu. The document will be marked for processing and the name of a new Document Definition will be displayed in the Sending Note column. To cancel matching a new Document Definition, select the Match Document Definition item from the document or page local menu and choose the initial Document Definition.

If necessary, you can also mark a page as an annex page. For this, select the Set Page as Annex item from the page local menu.

To clear recognition results for a document or a separate page, use the Clear Analysis Results item in the page or document local menu.

When closing the task, all documents whose Document Definition has been changed (or a new Document Definition has been matched on a document page), are sent to re-recognition. After re-recognition these documents are routed according to the standard workflow scheme (this also applies to documents which were marked for sending to a particular stage before or were sent to the stage manually).

Note: Documents whose Document Definition was changed and then the initial Document Definition was returned, are not sent to re-recognition and their further processing is performed according to a workflow scheme specified before.

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