Registration parameters

Registration parameters are textual properties allowing to identify a specific batch or document. These properties can be represented by the scanning date, the name of the Scanning Operator, etc. A registration parameter may be required or optional.

Registration parameters can be assigned to the batch during creation (if the batch is created automatically using image import profiles). Registration parameters can also be assigned to batches and documents on the Scanning Station and sent together with the images.

The registration parameters can be configured on the Registration Parameters tab of the Batch Properties or Document Properties dialog box respectively (click Properties... on the shortcut menu).

The value of the registration parameter can be used when applying a FlexiLayout in the following cases:

  • A FlexiLayout is used to check for preset data in a document. It is used when the information is known and a user needs to check whether it is present in the document.
  • When some previously known information is recorded in registration parameters of a document and may affect the logic of searching for fields. For example, a found classifier’s class or a preset vendor is recorded in a registration parameter. This value is transferred from registration parameters of the document to the FlexiLayout and can be searched for by this FlexiLayout equally with other fields of the FlexiLayout.

The registration parameter can be passed to the input of both the main and an additional FlexiLayout. To do this, the input named parameter of the FlexiLayout in ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio must be of the String type and its name must match the name of the registration parameter of the document in ABBYY FlexiCapture.

Note: It is recommended to specify different names for batch and document registration parameters. In case of identical names, the document registration parameter is always used when substituting the registration parameter value. For example, when generating file names during export.

Named registration parameters

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