Creating image import profiles

Document processing starts with adding new images into the batch. These can be paper documents to be scanned or electronic images to be imported.

Images can be added:

  • automatically on the Processing Stations. To automate image import, you need to create an image import profile on the Project Setup Station and specify the Hot Folders to be used. Images will be imported from the Hot Folders automatically.
  • manually by the Operators of the Scanning Stations. To scan pages, the Operator of a Scanning Station must create scanning profiles.

If images are often obtained from different sources, several import profiles can be created and the Operator can then select the appropriate profile for each source.

On the Project Setup Station, you can debug Document Definitions by creating batches, adding document images into them, and processing them. The process of adding images can also be automated: the Operator of the Project Setup Station can create an image import profile that uses a scanner.

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