Image display quality

The Image display quality option determines the quality of images which are loaded on the stations.

Image display quality is specified for each batch type. When a batch is created, its type is specified and the images of the batch are displayed with the specified quality.

If no batch types are created, batch images are displayed with the quality specified for the entire project (Project → Project Properties..., General tab).

Each image is stored as a set of files: the original file, its low-quality copies (color and black-and-white), and its thumbnail. The original image file is used for recognition and export. The smaller black-and-white copy is used when displaying the image on a station.

The following values are available for image display quality: 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%.

Reducing the quality of displayed images can speed up loading images on Operators' computers if their connection speeds are low. Lower quality images will load faster due to their smaller file sizes.

3/2/2021 8:10:42 AM

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