Special features of ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio for creating additional FlexiLayouts

ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio has several special features for developing additional FlexiLayouts for invoice projects:

  • You can specify the locations of elements relative to the regions of fields that were detected when the main FlexiLayout from the invoice project was applied.
  • Identifiers of vendors and business units can be used in requests to the data set of the Document Definition.
  • Lists of keywords and other parameters of a FlexiLayout can be exported to an XML file, allowing you to edit them without editing the FlexiLayout or the Document Definition.

How to create an additional FlexiLayout

How to add a field to an additional FlexiLayout

How to add pages to an additional FlexiLayout

How to make requests to data sets from the Document Definition

How to make a request to an XML file that contains FlexiLayout settings

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