What's new in this version

The following changes were made to the ABBYY FlexiCapture database:

  • Data on elements that constitute a batch is now stored in the BatchItem table.
  • Added tables with statistics data: StatisticConnections (user connection statistics) and StatisticProductivity (performance statistics).
  • Added the Tenant tenant table containing data on all tenants. Added the TenantId (tenant identifier) column to the BatchType table. Added the TenantId, PasswordHash, PasswordReset and SID columns to the Principal table, which contains data on users and user groups.
  • Added the EnableHotFolder column to the Project table. Values in this column enable/disable hot folders in projects.
  • Columns that enable setting up SLAs when using multiple tenants were added to the Project, Batch, BatchType and StatisticBatchArchive tables (SLAMinutes, SLAWarningSeconds, SLAViolationSec etc.).
  • The TimeoutMinutes and CurrentEditSessionId columns containing database cleanup settings were added to the Session table. Added the EditSession table for storing batch object editing sessions.
  • Added the PostponedTaskOwner column containing user identifiers and the EditSessionId column containing editing session identifiers to the Task table.
  • The Page, Document, DocumentParameter and EventDocument tables were removed.
  • The EventLog table now includes a CorrelationId, which links records in the database event log with records in Web Station logs.

12.04.2024 18:16:01

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