Connecting to the Web Services API

To use an API, you must first connect to a Web service. A connection can be established by the "Externer Benutzer" (ID=12) role on the "Benutzerstation" (ID=10) workstation type.

The APIs

You can work with the Web Services API of the ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Application Server either via SOAP requests, JSON requests or POST requests. The interface to be accessed is determined by the address of the web service:

Method When to use Handler value
SOAP requests Can be used for any operation .../API/v1/Soap
JSON requests Can be used for any operation .../API/v1/Json
POST requests Can be used to optimize file operations, such as uploading files to the server, uploading files in pieces, getting a check sum, downloading files from the server, etc. .../FileService/v1

Authentication methods

In ABBYY FlexiCapture 12, you can connect to the Web Services API using the standard Windows and Basic authentication methods, as well as using FlexiCapture authentication. The type of authentication is determined by the address of the web service. To use Windows and Basic authentication, include " /API" in the address, and "/FCAuth/API" to use ABBYY FlexiCapture authentication.

Hinweis. Add the suffix in the form of ?Tenant=MyTenantName at the end of the API connection address to specify a tenant.

Examples of Web service addresses with different authentication methods

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