Contains entries about documents of a specific type that were edited by a user.

Diagram of relationships between statistics tables

List of columns

Key Name Type Required Description
PK Id int yes Entry identifier.
AllAssemblingErrorCount int no Reserved
AllDocErrorsCount int no Reserved
AllFieldsCount int no Reserved
AllFieldErrorsCount int no Reserved
AllSymbolsCount int no Reserved
CorrectedAssemblingErrorCount int no Amount of corrected document assembly errors.
CorrectedDocErrorsCount int no Amount of corrected rule errors.
CorrectedFieldErrorsCount int no Amount of corrected formatting errors.
CorrectedFieldsCount int no Amount of corrected field.
CorrectedLayoutErrorCount int no Reserved
CorrectedPageOrderCount int no Reserved
CorrectedSymbolsCount int no Amount of corrected characters (includes removal of characters and addition of new characters).
CorrectedTypeErrorCount int no Reserved
DocumentsCount int no Amount of edited documents of the chosen type.
DocumentTypeId int yes Document type identifier. Corresponds to the entry identifier in the StatisticBatchDocumentTypeArchive table.
Seconds int no Total time (in seconds) spent on editing the documents in the batch.
StatisticTasksId int yes Identifier of task entries in the StatisticTasks table.
VerifiedFieldsCount int no Amount of confirmed fields.
VerifiedSymbolsCount int no Amount of confirmed characters.

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