What it does

The Role data type stores information about the user role.


Name Type Description
Id int The ID of the role in the database
Type int The role type. See RoleType for possible values.
Name string The name of user role
ProjectId int The ID of the project
Attributes int

The set of role attributes. This is a bit array, which consists of the following bit flags:

  • RG_Attribute_Hidden = 0x1 - the role is not visible to anyone;
  • RG_Attribute_Disabled = 0x2 - the role is not displayed when connecting;
  • RG_UseOnlyOwnBatches = 0x10 - allows you to work only with your own batches;
  • RG_BatchListAccess = 0x100 - allows you to view the project batches;
  • RG_CreateDeleteBatches = 0x200 - allows you to create and delete batches;
  • RG_ModifyBatchStructure = 0x400 - allows you to create and delete documents and pages and change their order;
  • RG_ModifyDocumentLayout = 0x800 - allows you to match Document Definitions and section and edit page layout;
  • RG_ModifyDocument = 0x1000 - allows you to modify the document contents;
  • RG_CreateTasks = 0x10000 - allows you to create tasks;
  • RG_PostponeTasks = 0x20000 - allows you to postpone tasks;
  • RG_TasksQueueAccess = 0x40000 - allows you to choose a task from queue;
  • RG_TakeTaskOwnership = 0x80000 - allows you to take postponed tasks and tasks assigned to a different Operator;
  • RG_CanSendToAnyStage = 0x100000 - allows you to send task to any available stage irrespective of restrictions of the current stage;
  • RG_ChangeObjectsPriority = 0x200000 - allows you to change the priority of batches, documents and tasks.

A value of the Attributes parameter is a sum of desired roles (the sum of twos raised to the corresponding power).

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