About ABBYY FlexiCapture Custom Reports

Custom reports are a powerful tool that helps users monitor the ABBYY FlexiCapture system and analyze workflow. A custom report gathers specific user defined statistics and can be viewed through the Administration and Monitoring Console.

By default, standard reports are displayed in Microsoft Report Viewer, which is included in the distribution kit of ABBYY FlexiCapture server components. Custom reports can be created in a number of applications, including Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Report Builder. Data for custom reports can be gathered using these applications, a SQL query or a stored database procedure.

To develop custom reports, you will need to be fairly familiar with the application in which you want to develop them, and be able to create SQL queries and stored procedures for databases running under Microsoft SQL Server.

Hinweis. You can use Crystal Reports to create custom reports on the Administration and Monitoring Console. This requires Crystal Reports or later to be installed on the computer with the Application server. To enable Crystal Reports, specify the following key values in the <appSettings> ... </appSettings> tag in the web.config file of the Administration and Monitoring Console:

<add key="UseCRReportSystemForCustomReportOnly" value="true" />

When one of these key values is specified, reports will be generated in the PDF format without being displayed in the preview window (including the reports generated in Microsoft Reports). For more information, see How to create custom reports using Crystal Reports.

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