What it does

Closes a task and makes it available for further operations.

Wichtig! If the Web Services API is used to route documents, other routing methods such as enter conditions or scripts are not applied. Exceptions is the stages of the User type (ID=2000) - for them both pre- and post-processing are always executed and workflow works properly.

If documents must be sent to a particular stage after the task is closed, the next stage must be explicitly specified in the task  file. For this, RoutingInfo.xsd scheme must be attached to the task when sending the task to Verification Postprocessing. The scheme includes information on stages the documents must be sent to, tasks that must be created, etc. It is also possible to specify which Document Definitions should be matched during document recognition.

To send documents to a specific stage, you can also use the SendTask method.


void CloseTask( int sessionId, int taskId, int stageType );


Name Type Description
sessionId int The ID of the connection to the Application Server
taskId int The ID of the task to be closed
stageType int

The ID of the stage type to which the task is to be sent. See ProcessingStageType for possible values.

Hinweis. To return the task for further processing, the stageType value must be 410 or 510.

Hinweis. At the Datenüberprüfung stage, the changes that have been made are saved in the task. To transfer them into the documents, you must upload xml file containing task data using POST request and send the task to the Datenüberprüfungs-Nachbearbeitung stage when closing the task.

Returned value


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