What it does

Writes event data in to the log on the Application Server.


void WriteToLog( long clientTime, LogRecord [] records );


Name Type Description
clientTime long

The data and time when the event occurred on the workstation. Use the following methods to convert the data (C#):

DateTime dtTime;
long lTime;

// conversion from DateTime to long
dTime = DateTime.FromFileTime(lTime);

// conversion from long to DateTime
lTime = dTime.ToFileTime();

records LogRecord[] A set of records, each describing one of the events to be written in the log on the Application Server

Hinweis. Using both the clientTime and LogRecord.time parameters is needed for the following reasons:

  • Call of the LogRecord[] method can be deferred.
  • Local time on the client computer and the time on the server may differ. This error can be corrected if you know the local time on the client computer at the moment when the LogRecord[] method was called.

Returned value


12.04.2024 18:16:01

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