What it does

Checks whether a user name and a password match the values in the database.


bool ValidateUser( string userName, string passwordHash );


Name Type Description
userName string User name
passwordHash string Password hash

Sample code for calculating the password hash:

public static string GetPasswordHashWithSalt( string login, string password )
           string salt = GetPasswordSha256Hash(login.ToUpper());
           return GetPasswordSha256Hash(password + salt);
       private static string GetPasswordSha256Hash( string password )
           Encoding enc = Encoding.GetEncoding("UTF-16");
           byte[] buffer = enc.GetBytes(password);
           var cryptoTransformSHA256 = new SHA256CryptoServiceProvider();
           string hash = BitConverter.ToString(cryptoTransformSHA256.ComputeHash(buffer)).Replace("-", "");
           return hash;

Returned value

Type Description
  • "true" if values match
  • otherwise "false" is returned

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