Data Types

This section describes the data types used by the methods of the API.

Batch Information about the batch
BatchType The type of the batch
BatchTypeIdentity Information about an available batch type
Document Information about the document
ChildrenOrder Information about a child document in the set
File File
LicenseCustomFeature Information about a custom parameter that is specified in the license
LogRecord Record in the log
Page Information about the page
ProcessingStage Information about the processing stage
Project Information about the project on the Application Server
Queue Information about the document queue at the processing stage
RegistrationProperty Registration parameter
RegistrationPropertyDef Description of the registration parameter
Role Information about the user role
ServerRequest Information about requests to the Application Server to run the validation rules in the current session
Task Information about the task
Template Information about the Document Definition
TicketInfo Licensing ticket
User Information about the user
UserStatistics Information about the number of batches, documents and pages processed by the user

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