Contains information about users and user groups.

Diagram of relationships between lock tables

Diagram of relationships between access control tables

List of columns

Key Name Type Required Description
PK Id int yes Entry identifier.
Email nvarchar no User's email address.
FullName nvarchar no User's full name.
IsSystemAdministrator tinyint yes Indicates that a user is a System Administrator. This role is given to a user who created a database.
Name nvarchar yes Name of user or user group.
PasswordHash varchar no The hash sum of the user's password.
PasswordReset tinyint no Indicates that the password was reset.
SID nvarchar no Security identifier of the imported users and groups
TenantId int no Identifier of the Document Definition. Corresponds to the entry identifier in the Tenant table.
Type int yes

Entry type. Possible values:

  • 0 – user
  • 1 – user group

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