What it does

Finds projects where a user has at least one role associated with a particular type of station. For example, if you pass "WT_Validation" as the station type, you will get a list of projects where the user has Verification Operator, Senior Verification Operator, Data Verification Operator or custom role rights.


Project[] GetProjectsForStationType(int userId, int workstationType)


Name Type Description
userId int User identifier
workstationType int Station type. See WorkstationType for possible values.

Returned value

Type Description
Project [] Project list

Hinweis. "Role—station" associations are currently recorded only for desktop stations and are not available for web stations. If you need to find projects that can be opened, for example, on the Web Verification Station, you must pass "WT_Validation" as the station type, not "WT_WebValidation."

12.04.2024 18:16:01

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