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One of the sources for uploading data to a Timeline project is ServiceNow. You can upload data from ServiceNow manually or automatically on a schedule.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have Administrator privileges in the project.
    To learn more about project roles in Timeline, see Accounts, User Roles & Permissions.
  • Ensure that you have Administrator privileges in ServiceNow for the correct data upload.
  • Enable pop-ups for the Timeline site in browser settings. This allows eliminating possible issues, as Timeline connects to the third-party site.

Basic steps

To connect Timeline to ServiceNow for data upload, follow these steps:

  1. Register the Timeline application in the ServiceNow account. Create an endpoint in ServiceNow for Timeline.
    For details, see Register Timeline in ServiceNow.
  2. Set ServiceNow as a data source in a Timeline project.
    For instructions on the data source change, see Data Sources.
  3. Configure the ServiceNow import settings during the first data upload. For details, see ServiceNow Import Settings.
    ServiceNow stores data about incidents in different tables. Timeline converts incidents and related data to timelines which can be further analyzed in the project. To learn more about the uploaded data, see How Timeline Processes Data from ServiceNow.

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