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Cost Definition

You can estimate how much money your company will save from task automation. For example, you know the hourly rate of an employee who performs a certain task. Set this rate in Cost definition to see potential savings from automation.

The program displays money saved in the Automation candidates table on the project overview page.

How to specify a task cost

  1. Click Cost definition on the project overview page.
  2. In the Cost definition dialog box, enter:
    1. The hourly rate or fixed cost for the task (if both values are specified, only the fixed cost will be used in calculations).
    2. The currency (the same currency will also be used in the Cost configuration tool of your Task Mining project).
  3. Click Save.
    The program will calculate the amount you can save and display the result in executive summary section and on the project overview page.

Important. Within a Task Mining project, you can specify the cost of the following two different objects:

  • In the Cost definition dialog box, you can specify the cost of a task.
  • In > Project configuration > Cost configuration, you can specify the cost of an event. For details, see Cost Analysis.

On the project overview page, Money saved statistics is shown only for specified Cost definition.

Usage advantages

Task cost is a helpful parameter, that allows to calculate the total money saved from automation and select a better automation candidate. The more tasks have defined costs, the more accurate overview you get. In Executive summary, you see the total savings if you automate all tasks with defined costs.

The other advantage of identifying costs is that it can help to choose the task for automation. The cost definition makes it more obvious which tasks are the most expensive. Set an approximate hourly rate to see which potentially easy tasks demand a lot of money, as their performance needs a lot of time. This task can be treated as a good automation candidate.

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