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How Timeline Processes Data from ServiceNow

ServiceNow stores information about incidents in different tables. Timeline converts ServiceNow incidents and related data to timelines for further analysis. The program pulls information from different tables and their fields, and automatically maps them in the project. In this way, you get timelines with events and attributes. For more information about incidents in ServiceNow and their management, see ServiceNow Product Documentation.

The table below will help you to learn more about uploaded data.

Table Description
Incident The program creates timelines for incidents with the Closed state from this table. Each incident will be presented as a separate timeline. The table stores only the last events of timelines. Other events are pulled from other tables to restore the full timeline chain.
Incident_task This table might contain incident tasks related to incidents. Every incident task belongs to one incident. Timeline creates relative events for already created timelines.
Sys_choice This table is used to fetch the possible values for incident states. The program does not create timelines or events from this table.

This table stores all the changes on the other entities and tables that ServiceNow tracks. Incident and incident_task tables contain only the latest state of that entity. Pulling information from the sys_audit table allows restoring previous events for timelines.

Important. To set up the correct data upload from the sys_audit table, a user must have an account with admin rights in ServiceNow.

Using column values from incident and incident_task tables, Timeline recreates the history of the incident as a timeline. The program checks the following fields:

  • state, assigned_to, assignment_group, priority, comments, close_notes, work_notes - to restore events.
  • category, company, employee, priority - to restore events' attributes.

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