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Task Mining Project


A Task Mining project is a type of Timeline project, that uses information about recorded user actions for business process analysis. It allows you to get insight into the actual processes: how users work, what applications they use, and what seemingly easy tasks go beyond the expected execution time.

For example, analyze which business processes are the most difficult to perform. To do this, record user actions and upload them to Timeline. After identifying tasks, you will see their complexity. The more applications and actions involved in the task, the more complicated it is. You may want to reorganize this task to make its automation easier in the future.

Quick start

To begin with a Task Mining project:

  1. Upload logs to the project from Recording Service.

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  1. Identify tasks and cut logs to get timelines.

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  1. Proceed with data analysis using any of the built-in analysis modules.
    For details, see Data Analysis.

For a more detailed description of the Task Mining working process, see Workflow Guideline.

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