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Views and Boards Interactions, and Timeline Set Filtering

View and Board co-dependence

Tiles may have interactive elements: Data table lines, bars of a Bar chart, and Pie chart slices, that can be applied as internal dimension filters called Selections, impacting only the View configuration. Selection is obtained when you click on any of the interactive elements and the information is filtered by that metric. That means you choose an attribute with a certain value that must be present in all timelines, considered when generating Primary path view. It allows you to experiment with certain conditions and see how they can affect the process analyzed.

As Selections do not affect the current set, they create one that can be considered a temporary set. This is an abstract pool of timelines that exists only in the context of Process view. While working with Process view, all selection and user-made changes exist in this temporary set, until you apply them as filters.

Dealing with Selections:

  1. To apply a Selection to the View, click an interactive element on a tile.
  2. To cancel the Selections that are no longer needed:
    1. Revert certain Selections by clicking Reset on a Tile.
    2. Revert all Selections by clicking Reset selections.

Applied Selections have a different impact on the View types:

  • Primary path view
    When you apply Selection the entire primary view will be restructured. For example, if you select a slice from Pie chart, then only paths with events that contain the corresponding attribute will be considered on the graph.
  • Milestone view
    If you apply a Selection, the schema doesn't change, but it starts displaying the number of timelines with events that contain that attribute near nodes.

Data on Tiles also depends on the selected View type:

  • Primary path view
    Metrics in this view are calculated according to the current number of paths displayed on the graph. Tiles always represent up-to-date data as if Primary path view is applied as a Path filter to the dataset.
    For details, see Primary path and filtering.
  • Milestone view
    Shown metrics are based on the temporary set. If there are no active Selections, the view board can be used as an overview of metrics in the project in this case.

Timeline set filtering

All the Selections can be applied to the current timeline set as dimension filters by clicking Apply on Board. This action results in the following two types of filters:

  • Each Selection is applied as a separate dimension filter. That means that only the timelines with events that contain certain attribute values will be shown in the temporary set.
  • Primary path view configuration is applied as a Path filter. For example, if 25 deviations are displayed on the graph, only the timelines included in the Top 25 paths will be shown in the current set.
    For details, see Primary path and filtering.
    Important. A set can contain more than 50 possible paths considered in the Primary path view. Therefore, even if the maximum of deviations is displayed on the graph, the Apply button on the View side can be still active, and using it will narrow down the current set.

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