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Events Section in Metrics Panel

The Metrics panel includes a block with summary event statistics. It shows the number of events, number of unique events, number of hidden events, and event status.

To see detailed information about events, click the Events section. The Select event window opens. Here you can set up events' appearance in timelines, include or exclude timelines with a certain event, and set categories and icons for events. For more information about the events statistics and settings, see Events.

Event status

A timeline can include identical events when the same event appears several times in series. For example, the timeline consists of the following events: Create - Assign - Hold - Hold - Hold - Close. The Hold event appears 3 times in a row.

You can choose how to treat these events in the analysis and timelines. There are 2 statuses of the identical events, that are shown in the Events section:

  • Expanded
    The program considers all identical events and includes all of them into timelines. By default, this option is selected.
    In this case, the timeline from the example consists of the following: Create - Assign - Hold - Hold - Hold - Close.
  • Collapsed
    Only the latest of the identical events in a row is shown in timelines and appears in analysis modules.
    In this case, the timeline from the example consists of the following: Create - Assign - Hold - Close. Only the last Hold appears in the analysis, others are excluded.

The way you choose to deal with identical events influences statistics and timelines. In case the program uses the Collapsed status, the number of events reduces, time gaps between events change, etc.

How to set event status

To select the status of identical events:

  1. Navigate to the Timelines analysis module. Select Timelines in the drop-down list under the project's name.
  2. In Display > Identical events, select:
    1. Expand to set the Expanded status for identical events.
    2. Separate to set the Collapsed status for identical events.

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