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Main Use

The Forecasts tool is making predictions of the future process state based on past and present data.

To use this analysis module, select Forecast in the drop-down list under the project's name.


The forecast tool gives you the ability to predict the future state of a process timeline. Assuming outcomes are predictable, you can classify an outcome as a logical completion of the process defined by the completion of an event or a series of events.


Epoch: each epoch is flushing the data through the neural network teaching the machine about the history of the process and how it was executed.

Confusion Matrix: Displaying false negatives and false positives.

Timeline Cluster: A grouping of the natural structure of the timelines. Specifically built for the data scientist.

Forecast outcomes can be filtered to trigger alerts based on the confidence level that you choose. So for example, if a patient is likely to be admitted to the hospital, an alert can be triggered to prepare a bed for the patient.

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