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Replace substring

The Replace substring operation replaces a substring or an empty string with a value of your choice. You can use this operation to quickly fix a typo in an employee's name, for example.

For more information about substrings, see Operations > About substrings.

Configuring the operation

  1. In the Columns(s) drop-down list, select the columns that you need to modify. You can also click Select all if you need to select all the columns.
  2. In the Substring to be replaced field, specify the substring to be replaced with another.
    Important. This operation is case-sensitive (for example, Boston and boston will be treated as different substrings).
    1. Select Replace only empty values, if you want a new substring to be placed into empty fields.
  3. In the New substring field, specify a new substring that will replace the substring you specified in step 2.
  4. If required, you can use a filter and preview the results of the operation

  1. Click Save. The Edit Operation window will close and the new operation will appear in the Operations pane.

Configuration examples

Replacing a substring

Replacing an empty string

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