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This analysis module is designed to fragment project data allowing users to drill down into specific dimensions. The dimensional data can be representative of the employee, department, region, or IT system that is responsible for the activities, etc. You can filter timelines based on Breakdown selections and proceed with a focused analysis using other features of the program. Here you can concentrate on the attribute distribution in your project, which can be helpful, e.g., when determining the root causes of performance issues.

For example, you can break down your data by employees, and find out that on certain steps too many tasks are reassigned to one specialist, who has the necessary skills or experience to perform them. It increases their workload and results in performance delays. Based on this information, you can introduce changes to the actual workflow, or organize knowledge-sharing workshops allowing other colleagues to learn how to handle such tasks.

Breakdown is based on Dimensions, which are Event and Attribute pairs. Dimensions are presented in Timeline as a separate tool as well.
For details on this tool, see Dimensions.

To use this analysis module, select Breakdown in the drop-down list under the project's name.

To learn about the Breakdown analysis module's workspace and how to deal with it, see Configuration and Workspace.

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