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How to Share Dashboard

Once you finished creating a dashboard, make it available for other users:

  1. Publish a dashboard. Use one of the following options:
    1. In the Edit mode, unlock the Private button at the top.
    2. In the View mode, click to open List of dashboards and toggle on Publish next to the dashboard.
  2. Share the dashboard.
    Click in the top right corner and provide a user email address, then click Share. This user will get Dashboard viewer permissions. For permissions description, see section below.

Roles and permissions for published dashboards

When you publish a dashboard, users with a project role Viewer and higher can see the data, users with a User role and higher can additionally edit this dashboard. Timeline also provides a special user role in the project - Dashboard viewer. They can only see data on published dashboards in the project. Other project tabs and information are unavailable for them.

To add a Dashboard viewer to the project, open > Project details > Sharing and add user email addresses to the Dashboard viewer section. Listed users will receive an email notification. In case they do not have an account, they will need to register in the application by following the steps from the email.

All published dashboards become available for Dashboard viewers. They will see accessible dashboards in their List of dashboards. All other users in the project have access to published dashboards by default with their right limitations.

To learn more about user roles in the project, see Accounts, User Roles & Permissions.

Dashboard viewer permissions

A user with a Dashboard viewer role has the following permissions in the Timeline project:

  • The user can access only published dashboards, no other data is available.
  • The user can only open List of dashboards where they see only published ones. Other buttons and panels on Dashboard are unavailable.
  • The user can review information in tiles and maximize them, export charts data, and create temporary dimension filters. They cannot navigate to the Timelines analysis module in the project.

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