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Charts in Analysis Modules and Tools

Using charts on Dashboard

The Dashboard's flexibility for customization allows displaying the entire history of a process instance with the help of Charts placed on it. It gives a unique possibility to drill into problem areas and identify process inefficiencies and bottlenecks. You can also share the Dashboard with your colleagues for further analysis and even better results.

For general information about the tool, see Dashboards.

Using charts in Process view

Process view offers an operational Board, where custom Charts can be displayed along with the visualization on standard metrics. Here you can easily compare the most effective scenario on the schema with the actual process distribution represented by charts. It helps in analyzing deviations in processes from the most efficient workflow in an illustrative manner.

You can also create charts directly on the Board. To do it, click +New tile > New chart... Then proceed with the instructions from How to Configure Chart.

For general information about the analysis module, see Process View.
For details on the operational board, see Board.

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