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Bottleneck Analysis


Bottleneck analysis identifies what impact the individual process steps have on process performance. This way you can detect process weaknesses and choose the best improvement candidates.

While using the Bottleneck analysis, you focus on the longest, most time-consuming, or costly process steps. This allows searching for solutions that will keep the issue from happening again in the future. Bottlenecks are often caused by unnecessary or inefficient processes, which result in additional time and cost spends. Being aware of the extra losses is the first step to eliminate them. Once you fix the bottleneck, the process will be performed from start to finish at an even rate.

Dealing with Bottleneck analysis

The impact of events on the process is determined by the time interval or event cost. The program generates metrics for the chosen analysis option. You can sort metrics to find out process steps that should be reviewed or improved. To use this analysis module, select Bottleneck analysis in the drop-down list under the project's name. Set up the analysis to discover bottlenecks in the process or open the existing bottleneck configuration and select the desired data set to explore.

To learn more about the Bottleneck analysis workspace and settings, see Workspace and Configuration.

Proceeding with results

Completing the Bottleneck analysis can be the first step of investigating processes. The information gathered from the analysis module helps to focus on the notable steps that slow down and increase the cost of the whole process.

After identifying which events causes a bottleneck, the next step could be to go deeper in the analysis to discover the root causes. For example, proceed with the Breakdown analysis module to drill into timeline dimensional data. Discover the process from event attributes perspective, for example, who is in charge of certain steps, where they happened, and other attributes.

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