What it does

The LogRecord data type stores error records.


Name Type Description
Type int The type of the error record. Possible values: see LogRecordType.
SessionId int The ID of the connection to the Application Server
MachineId string The ID of workstation
RoleId RoleType[] The ID of the user's role
TaskId int The ID of the task
ProjectId int The ID of the project
BatchId int The ID of batch
DocumentId int The ID of the document
PageId int The ID of the page
Comment string A brief description of the event
Details string A full description of the event
Time long

The date and time the method was called on the workstation.

To convert values, use the following methods (C#):

DateTime dtTime;
long lTime;
// conversion from DateTime to long
dTime = DateTime.FromFileTime(lTime);
// conversion from long to DateTime
lTime = dTime.ToFileTime();

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