Contains a list of batch types.

Diagram of relationships between objects to be processed

Diagram of relationships between routing tables

Diagram of relationships between access control tables

List of columns

Key Name Type Required Description
PK Id int yes Batch type identifier.
Description nvarchar no Description of batch type.
FileVersion int yes File version number.
IsDeleted bit yes Indicates that a batch has been deleted.
Modified rowversion yes Indicates that a batch has been modified.
Name nvarchar yes Name of batch type.
ProjectId int yes Identifier of the project a batch belongs to. Corresponds to the entry identifier in the Project table.
SLAMinutes int no The time limit within which the batch needs to be processed, in minutes. No time limit if unspecified.
SLAWatningSeconds int no The time the batch can remain in processing before a warning about long processing times is issued.

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