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Testing elements

During the FlexiLayout matching the program analyzes only those hypotheses for each of the elements whose quality meets the specified parameters.

Testing allows you to view all the hypotheses generated for the selected element on the current test image. You can test any element, including Group elements. The search area of the tested element is the entire page unless you have specified additional search constraints in the Absolute search area constraints or Advanced pre-search relations. Advanced pre-search relations are also taken into consideration when testing the element. As a result, the Hypotheses window displays all generated hypotheses rated by their quality (from best to worst), and in the Image window the areas of all detected hypotheses are highlighted.

Note.The FlexiLayout to be tested must not contain errors, and the image must be opened in the Image window.

To test an element:

  1. Select the desired element in the FlexiLayout tree.
  2. In the shortcut menu of the desired element, select the Test Element command or select the Test Element command in the FlexiLayout menu.

To switch from one hypothesis to another in the Hypotheses window, you may use the → and ← keys on your keyboard.

To quit test mode and switch to any other mode (Matched layout, Reference layout, Difference layout), click a corresponding button on the toolbar.

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