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Barcode is an element of a FlexiLayout which describes barcodes used to encode various information in a series of black and white lines.

Barcode elements are marked with in the FlexiLayout tree.

Barcode elements are used for finding barcodes of the types supported by ABBYY FlexiLayout™ Studio. The program will consider Barcode objects detected during pre-recognition in the search area.

The properties of a Barcode element

Click the Barcode tab in the Properties dialog box to describe the corresponding object. To open the Properties dialog box, right-click the element in the FlexiLayout tree and select Properties... from the shortcut menu.

Show Properties dialog box, Barcode tab

Barcode type - the type of barcode.


  1. For the QRCode, Aztec and DataMatrix types to be available, the Extract 2D barcodes: Data Matrix, Aztec, QR Code option must be selected in the FlexiLayout / Classifier properties dialog box.
  2. To make postal barcodes available, select Extract post barcodes in FlexiLayout / Classifier Properties.

Orientation sets the orientation of a barcode:

  • Left-to-Right,
  • Bottom-to-Top,
  • Right-to-Left,
  • Top-to-Bottom.

Note.You can select more than one option.

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