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Finding and replacing code strings on the Advanced tab

You can write expressions in the FlexiLayout language to specify element properties.

You can specify additional search constraints on the Advanced tab of the element's Properties dialog box.

"Find and replace" is carried out in the code of the current element and all of its subelements. Therefore, to perform "find and replace" in the code of all elements, you must select the FlexiLayout (i.e. the root element in the tree). If you need to perform "find and replace" in only one layout alternative, select this alternative in the tree.

This feature is useful, for example, when replacing the name of an element: you do not have to open all the Advanced tabs in the properties of various elements.

To find and replace a code string:

  1. Select the element in which to search.
  2. Open the Find in Advanced Code dialog box (Tools → Find in Code... or select Find in Code in element local menu).
  3. In the Find what field, enter the string to find. In the Replace with field, enter the string with which to replace the found code fragment. Select Match case if the search must be case sensitive.
  4. Click Find All to find all instances and Replace All to replace all the found code fragments. The results will be displayed in the Results field.

4/13/2021 11:12:27 AM

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