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Application of rules

Rules are a tool for automatically checking the results of document processing. Rules can be used separately or together with auto-classification.

Rule use is specified during the classification setup. To do so, select Classifier > Properties and enable the Use rules check box in the Classification tab.

To create a rule, do the following:

  1. Select Classifier > Add Rule and set a name for the rules in the window that will open.
  2. Select the appropriate uniqueness option:
      • Uniquely in project – this option prevents other rules from being applied if one has already been applied;
      • Uniquely on its tree level - this option applies all rules within a particular tree;
      • Non-uniquely - this option does not limit the number of rules that can be applied.
  1. Choose the Corresponding class from the drop-down list. That class will be returned when the particular rule is applied.

For every class, parameters that will cause a rule to be applied can be set. To do this, select Properties in the class shortcut menu in the Classifier window:

  • if the class can be confused with others during classification, mark the Add classes to this classification result check box, then click Edit and specify the particular classes that can be confused;
  • if you are planning to use rules to improve the quality of auto-classification, mark the Improve auto-classification result using rule tree check box. Next, specify which rules are going to be used if this particular class is assigned as a result of auto-classification:
    • Use rules for corresponding classes only - with this option, only the rules specified for the "confusing" classes in the list will be applied;
    • Use all rules - all existing rules will be used until one is successfully applied. If none of the rules are successfully applied, the auto-classification result will not change.

To classify documents using rules, select Classifier > Classify > Classify by Rules.

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