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A project is a set of files created in ABBYY FlexiLayout™ Studio and containing information about the elements and their properties, the test images, etc.

Projects fall into the following two types:

  • FlexiLayout projects. These projects are used to develop FlexiLayouts to detect data fields on documents.
  • Classifier projects. These projects are used to develop classifiers to group documents into classes.

Within projects, FlexiLayouts and classifiers are build, tested, and debugged.

A project includes:

  • the descriptions of the elements (a FlexiLayout or a classifier)
  • the batch of images based on which the FlexiLayout is created and debugged

A FlexiLayout project has the extension *.fsp. A classifier project has the extension.fcp. The default storage location of the images you add to the batch of images is [project name]Batch, and the default location of the FlexiLayout is [project name]Template.

To start working with ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio, you need to create a new project or open an existing one.


Working with projects

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