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Training element parameters

Training elements is used to automate configuring separate parameters for elements of simple types. You can easily train a new element or correct parameters of an earlier created element if necessary.

To enable training element:

  • For the element to be trained, a correct Reference layout or Matched layout on several pages is required.
  • All pages to be included in the training set must be marked as Use for Training on the Batch tab.

Note.You can either create a new element and draw its region on the image using the Create New (Ctrl+Space) tool or draw location for an existing element of the tree using the Draw Location tool.

To start training an element:

  1. From the element shortcut menu select Train Element → Train Element Parameters. The Choose Trained Element Parameters dialog box will open.
  2. In this dialog box you can see parameters of the trained element and their values. Names of dependent parameters are indented.

  1. From the Show drop-down list select the modified parameters only option to see only those parameters which were modified during training or select all parameters to see all parameters of the element.
  2. Mark a checkbox on the left to the parameter name to use the training result for this parameter. You can mark a checkbox next to the Parameter name caption to select all modified parameters.
  3. Click the Apply Changes button to save the new values of selected parameters.

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