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Sample 3. Step 2: Visual analysis of the images and pre-recognition results

Prior to creating elements, we must decide which objects on the document can serve to detect the data fields. These objects can be selected only from such graphical and/or paragraphs of the image that are reliably detected during the pre-recognition process.

Start pre-recognition by clicking Prerecognize (see Tutorial 1, Step 4 for details).

Reviewing the pre-recognition results reveals that all the text objects corresponding to the names of the data fields (if a field has a name), names of columns, and horizontal separators have been reliably detected. So they may be used to search for other objects on the images.

Note.For more information on reviewing images and pre-recognition results, see Tutorial 1, Step 5 and Step 6.

Now we can start to create blocks and elements. To do this, activate the FlexiLayout window in the main window of ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio.

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