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Sample 4. Multi-Page Invoice

Important!A multi-page document is used in this sample.

The sample document described in this section is a typical multi-page invoice. Unlike the sample documents described in the earlier sections, it has more than one page and contains a table that stretches over several pages.

Note.ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio allows you to create FlexiLayouts for multi-page documents. Multi-page documents are treated as whole units and search for elements is not limited to individual pages. For details, see Multi-Page FlexiLayout.

The Invoice sample document will be used to illustrate some non-standard approaches to locating elements. You will learn how to detect image objects that correspond to the beginning and the end of a multi-page document and how to detect multi-page elements (in this case, a multi-page table). For details, see Header and Footer.

A FlexiLayout for the Invoice sample document should reliably detect the following fields on all the test images:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Delivery Address
  • Total Amount
  • Invoice Table (Reference, Designation, Unit, Quantity, Unit Price, and Total columns)
  • Company

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