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Parameter Description
Void Mode( Direction )

Separator orientation. See Separator, Orientation.


Void MinQuality( Real ) Sets the minimum quality of the hypothesis.
Void MinRelativeLength ( Real ) Sets the minimum length of the separator which lies within the search area relative to the length of the search area. See Separator, Min relative length.
Void PenaltyLimitForLength( Real )

Specifies the minimum quality that the hypothesis may get for its length when calculating its quality (number from 0 to 1). The longer the separator object, the higher the quality. The highest quality of 1 has the separator whose length equals the length of the search area. As the relative length of the separator decreases from 1 to 0, the quality of the hypotheses decreases inn direct proportion from 1 to PenaltyLimitForLength.

Note.This function was introduced to replace Void MaxPenalty( Real ), which is obsolete and will e removed from future versions. If you previously used Max length penalty, set PenaltyLimitForLength to (1 - [Max length penalty]).

See Element Properties dialog box, Separator tab.

Void MinSeparatorLength( Distance ) See Separator. Min length.
Void MaxSeparatorLength( Distance ) See Separator. Max length.
Void MaxSeparatorGap( Distance )

See Separator. Space. Max length.


Void MaxSeparatorRelativeGap( Real ) See Separator. Space. Max relative length.
Void MaxSeparatorGap( Distance d, Real r )

Sets absolute (d) and relative (r) constraints on the length of the space.

See Separator. Space. Max Length.

Void FitsWithinSearchArea( Logic )

Specifies that the separator must fit entirely within the search area.

See Separator, Fits entirely within search area property.

Void MaxSeparatorDistance( Distance )

See Separator. Space. Orthogonal shift.


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